North up the Pacific Coast – Vision of the Seas Review

So call me Negative Nelly or whatever they call someone who sees the negatives in things, but I can’t ignore the negatives, and to be fair, I shouldn’t. So let me say up front that this review will have some negative points, but let me also say that we enjoyed our cruise and would do it again.

Our first cruises were on the Royal Caribbean Monarch Home school login of the Seas and Carnival Paradise. Both ships made cruises from Los Angeles (Long Beach) to Catalina and Ensenada. Both are smaller ships of their lines and are the basis of any comparisons you make when looking at this cruise. Of course that could be like comparing an SUV to a Volkswagen Bug, albeit in the case of the Monarch it is a classy bug and in the case of Paradise a Party Bug!

When we booked this cruise our expectations were a little lower than that if we were booking a regular cruise itinerary for a ship because it was a change of location cruise. Turns out we didn’t have to lower our expectations too much, the cruise ship had full crew and the scheduled entertainment was on a 7 night cruise while we were on a 5 night cruise, this gave us more entertainment options and not that we needed to be entertained because we found Ways to entertain ourselves, boy who says Do Not Disturb has come in handy.

We arrived to check in at noon (wanted to get to the room early, hadn’t seen each other in a week), which seemed like a good time as we were able to walk straight to the check-in desk and were dealt with immediately by an agent. A few minutes of checking papers, showing passports, drawing blood (not really) and swiping credit card (they wanted to keep it but I wouldn’t let them) and we were directed to board the ship. We learned something new on this cruise that we suspected earlier. Arriving early works to check in in our favor and gets us on board quickly. monarch AOP login!

We boarded the ship and headed to the Windjammer Restaurant for the lunch buffet. These were the first of the few disappointments of the cruise. The boarding lunch was dry and bland, like the foods children cook at home when it is their turn to cook; Compared to the King we were very disappointed and hope this is not the norm for this Windjammer. Unfortunately, that proved to be the norm for a Windjammer on this cruise, but a glass of lemonade improved a few things and gave it a refreshing taste. Every time we ate at Windjammer we found the food relatively dry and bland, I looked around the restaurant and peeked into the kitchen but didn’t see my kids working, there were a few dishes that broke the pattern but not much.

When the grandiose halls were available we visited our own palatial hall, and while we had an interior, the layout of the room made it look bigger than our previous visits to the king (they say shaving makes things look bigger). Our deluxe room was fitted with the beds together in a queen configuration, which we were glad we didn’t have to ask for. Plus, our Crown and Anchor and Terry Robes books that were part of our room booking bonus were waiting for us. One disappointment here is that we didn’t see our escort until day 3 of the cruise, probably because of the Do Not Disturb sign, but we made sure not to go out with that during the greater part of the times they are supposed to show up to the rooms. While he was taking care of our cabin, he wasn’t really interested in addressing any personal concerns we might have. Fortunately we didn’t have any. The only other time we saw our host was when he gave us a customer satisfaction survey and pointed to his department. I’ll give him credit, he took care of the room, but there was no personal touch and I felt like he might reach out.

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